6: The creative process: listen, reflect

Session 6: March 30

Employing the creative process: listening and reflection

Exploring listening and reflection on a personal level

In the world of design we make sense of the world through analysis, but analysis only can leaves us short changed. The phenomenon of life is deep and nuanced and calls on us to listen and reflect deeply. During this class we explore deep listening, we explore ways to become still and access our innate wisdom to gain a deeper perspective on what is happening.

Lecture and activities

  • Activity and discussion: Delving into the difficulties of listening
  • Lecture: Introducing strategies to stay present and open
  • Lecture: Learning to stop (even if you feel you can’t), to cultivating stillness, openness and connection
  • Activity: Practicing methods of personal reflection on something you’ve just seen:
    stillness, free-writing, and free-drawing in response to David Whyte’s discussion of the relevance of poetry to corporate leadership. 

Key concepts

Required materials

In preparation for session 7:


  • Write a reflection paper on the creative process, based on the last two class sessions. 

Optional materials

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