7: Conditions for creativity, part 1

Session 7: April 4

Creating a container wherein people can risk

Creating the conditions for co-creativity, part one: being safe and BUILDING TRUST  

Collective creative efforts require everyone to contribute their best questions, thinking and creative acts. If the conditions aren’t in place, people will not feel safe enough to risk and we’ll replicate the current status quo. In this class we explore ways of being that help people contribute their best and that keep people from feeling that they can. We explore the conditions necessary to create an atmosphere of psychological safety — the precondition for risk. And we learn about the behavior that engenders trust.

Lecture and activities

  • Introductory lecture: Taking “together” seriously — a brief history of participatory design, its dilution and revival, and promising current trends
  • Lecture: Creating the conditions for creativity, behavior that cultivates trust
  • Alien Activity: Two different ways of seeing, relating and communicating — From control (oppression) to creative collaboration. 

Key concepts

  • Psychological safety 
  • Behaviors that build trust
  • Conditions for group creativity

Required materials

In anticipation of our next session on communication when working together…


Optional materials

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