5: The Creative Process

Session 5: March 28

The Creative Process

The fundamentals of the creative process: listen, reflect, make

Surveying current models, approaches, and projects in social innovation and transition reveals a common and familiar underlying pattern: the age-old shape of the creative process. Though there are many variations and theorists don’t always speak in these terms, it’s clear that the fundamental creative process is an underlying foundation of this work.

Lecture and activities

  • Activities: Experiencing the creative process
  • Lecture and discussion: Introducing the creative process
  • Lecture and activity: Introducing active listening

Key concepts

  • Creativity as a way of operating
  • Taking a deep view of the process: openness, intention, conversation
  • Hugh Dubberly’s model: listen, reflect, make

Required materials


  • Previous assignments due next session: teach active listening and review questions for Chapter 1 of this course

Optional materials

Here are two very different books on creativity which we highly recommend.

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