10: Convening and listening

Session 10: April 13

Convening the group; the group listens

Getting the right people into the room, and what to do next

Early in the course we describe the essential qualities of an approach to creating in social complexity: systemic, participatory, and emergent. All of these principles are best applied from the very beginning, with attention to establishing the conditions for the effort to be credible and successful.

In this session we introduce the work of listening to the system in a way that can lead to meaningful invitations, and the necessity of convening both diversity and power.

Lecture and activities

  • Lecture: Convening as an act of leadership
  • Activity: World Cafe
  • Lecture: Survey of group listening methods

Key concepts

  • World Cafe — experience and facilitation overview
  • Survey of methods for group listening
  • Convening as an act of leadership and essential foundation
  • Group listening methods

Required materials

Rockefeller Foundation, GATHER: Core Concepts: https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/app/uploads/GATHER-Core-Concepts.pdf

Optional materials

Surf the world of hosting and group facilitation:


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